A Core Service Provider Associate Certificate


Information concerning the initial certificate application, certificate conditions, modifications to and surrender of certificate, suspension, revocation and other sanctions relevant to associate certificates is set out in Part II of the eGambling Regulations, 2009 and can be found here.


A Core Services Associate Certificate approves the provision of gambling specific software – such as games – to an Alderney licensee.


Step1: The applicant submits an application to the AGCC consisting of the following:

  • The completed application form here
  • The required investigation deposit of £5,000

Step 2: The Commission assesses the application against the criteria provided for in Regulations 65 and 67 and makes its determination.

Step 3: If the application is successful, a certificate is issued on payment of the relevant fee.

Following the grant of a certificate, the AGCC will need to approve the equipment which runs or supports games. All gambling equipment will need to be independently tested, although previous testing may be taken into consideration. In order to gain approval of gambling equipment a certificate holder should:

  • Read the relevant regulations 200 to 215
  • Fill in the “approval of gambling equipment” application form here and send it to the AGCC with the required £5,000 deposit

We will then review the scope of any testing required and will discuss with the licensee how this will be achieved.