Corporate Services

AGCC is supported by a corporate services team consisting of:

Administration Services

• Rowie Gaydon, Office Administrator, has over 12 years experience with the commission and a background within the hospitality and retail industries;

• Charlie Barker, Compliance Officer, who assists the directorate with operational duties and a wide range of compliance support tasks;

Financial Services

• Christie Crawford, Finance Officer, who handles various financial responsibilities and is studying to become a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants;

• Lynsey Le Cocq, Administrative Assistant, who primarily provides support to the Finance Officer;

Legal & Strategic Support

• Sarah Kelly, General Legal Counsel, who has extensive knowledge of Bailiwick Law and Constitutional matters. She is a member of the Guernsey Bar and an English Solicitor. Prior to joining the Commission, Sarah was the Greffier of Alderney;

• Philip Taylor, In-house Legal Counsel, who is an English qualified solicitor with experience in the fields of white collar crime and information rights;

• Paula Moore, Corporate Services Officer, who has administrative experience in the financial services sector;

• George Sauvage, Special Advisor, who provides strategic support to the Executive Director;