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Hosting Certificate


Information concerning the initial certificate application, certificate conditions, modifications to and surrender of the certificate, suspension, revocation and other sanctions relevant to a hosting certificate is set out in Part III of the eGambling Regulations, 2009 and can be found here.



A Hosting Certificate can be obtained by the provider of the physical premises where the gambling equipment of licensees and associate certificate holders is held. Hosting certificates are required for premises where gambling equipment is held if located on Guernsey.




Step1: The applicant submits to the AGCC a completed application form found here together with an investigation deposit of £5,000.


Step 2: Assessment of the application against the criteria provided for in Regulation 102. In assessing the application the AGCC may consult third parties who are knowledgeable in the field of hosting and telecommunication services.


Step 3: The determination of the application by the Commission.


Step 4: Issuing of Hosting Certificate.

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