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What happens after the licence is approved?

  • There are specific processes we follow as regulator before the site can be activated.

  • After a licence is issued and paid for, the licensee must conclude the games testing and systems documentation processes. Full guidance on these two steps may be found on the website under the Applicants section. It is important to note a licensee cannot legally become fully operational until all games have been tested and their systems documentation fully approved.

  • Within twelve months of live activation of the site, and annually thereafter, the Commission will visit the main operational centre of the licensee to check that the relevant licence conditions are being upheld and that the approved games and internal control systems in use are those that have been previously approved.

  • The Commission will invite the licensees’ Money Laundering Reporting Officers and other Senior Executives to attend an annual AML/CFT training event.

  • The annual licence fee will be payable on or before the anniversary of the grant of the licence.

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