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Player Issues

How do I deal with a gambling problem?

All our licensees are required to have procedures in place to identify and support anybody who may be a problem gambler or is worried about somebody else’s gambling. Many of them work with organisations such as Gamcare who can offer advice or support. Please click below for links to relevant organisations.

In-dependence is a local charity with the mission to support those affected by drugs, alcohol or gambling., and to minimise related harms through education, prevention and counselling.

What should I look for when I choose an interactive casino or sports book?

Many of the features that dictate your preference for a site are subjective and relate to the games on offer. We offer no guidance on these. However, in our view the following components should be present on a well-operated site.

  • The predicted return to player or “RTP” which is displayed for every game on an AGCC-regulated site (though this does not apply to sports books).

  • A clear identification of the regulator and their jurisdiction, probably with a logo.

  • Customer service contact data.

  • Terms and conditions for all play; an outline of the disputes process.

  • Secure payments process.

Is my deposit safe?

AGCC requires its licensees to adhere to strict prudential ratios in order to ensure that assets exceed liabilities and cash exceeds player liabilities. In addition, the Regulations require Category 1 eGambling licensees (and their associates holding customer funds) to hold funds standing to the credit of registered customers in accounts that are segregated from those used to operate the business of the licensee, and inform registered customers of the risks associated with their funds in the event of a Category 1 eGambling licensee’s (or any of its associates) insolvency.

How do I make a complaint against an Alderney licensee?

A complaint about a gambling transaction should, in the first instance, be directed to the operator concerned. This should be done in writing (email is acceptable) and you should receive a written reply.

What happens if the operator has not dealt with my complaint to my satisfaction?


If you are not satisfied with the resolution offered by the operator, the complaint and all relevant correspondence can be forwarded to the AGCC for arbitration. The Commission will acknowledge your complaint.

  • After that: We will update you on progress after we have been in communication with the operator.

  • We will write to you with a “preliminary determination” of your complaint, which will identify our opinion of your complaint and a proposed resolution.

Please note that the Commission does not provide advice to individual consumers.

What happens if the Commission has not dealt with my complaint to my satisfaction?


Various steps can be taken to appeal against a preliminary determination:

  • You can appeal to the Executive Director of the Commission. He will conduct an independent review of the matter and write to you formally with his determination.

If at this point you are not satisfied with our decision:

  • You can appeal to the Commission against the Executive Director’s determination. You should be aware at this point in the process, the Commission may determine and award costs against either party to the complaint.

  • You can appeal to the Court of Alderney against a finding of the Commission. Please note, again, that at this stage, costs may be awarded against one or both parties to a complaint.

Please see Regulations page for further details.

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