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Regulation Framework

Applications may be made to the Commission for the following types of licences and certificates:


  • Category 1 Licence

  • Category 2 Licence

  • Core Services Associate Certificate

  • Category 1 Associate Certificate

  • Category 2 Associate Certificate

  • Hosting Certificate

  • Temporary eGambling Licence

  • Key Individual Certificate

The eGambling Regulations, 2009, set out the form for applying for any of these licences or certificates, as well as the manner in which the Commission shall investigate and assess an application; the matters that will be considered by the Commission in making a determination; and the manner in which the outcome will be notified to the applicant.


In addition, the eGambling Regulations, 2009, set out the deposits required from an applicant for a licence or a certificate as well as the way these are handled and accounted for.  


Please select from the appropriate submenu further down this page for additional information regarding licences and certificates.

eGambling Equipment Testing Laboratories

The Commission regularly outsources compliance testing of licensees’ eGambling equipment to approved testing laboratories worldwide. Organisations that wish to be considered by the Commission for this testing work should submit the following details in the first instance:


A signed statement of ownership, detailing all entities with an interest in the organisation


A signed statement disclosing any past, current or pending litigation


A copy of the organisation’s most recent audited accounts/annual report


A description of work performed by the testing house in the past and major clients


A list of any relevant ISO or similar certifications that the business may have. At a minimum, the testing houses should have ISO-17025-2001 (“General Standards for Testing and Calibration Laboratories”) accreditation


Descriptions of the processes that are used for compliance testing within the business. Provide examples of test scripts, etc.


Agreement to an inspection­ regime whereby the testing house is visited by AGCC staff and inspected against a standard checklist, built from the ISO standard mentioned above and based on the additional expectations of the AGCC

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